# MS data analysis

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Mass spectrometry (MS) based datasets (both from peer-reviewed manuscripts and preprint version) are now available via ProteomeXchange (opens new window) and PRIDE (opens new window). Here, we demonstrate the use of Galaxy workflows to reanalyze MS datasets from cell culture samples (PXD018804, PXD018241, PXD018594), clinical samples (PXD018682, PXD021328, PXD019423, PXD020394, PXD023016,PXD025214, PXD018094, PXD022085) and protein-protein interaction datasets (PXD018117). We also performed metaproteomics analysis on three clinical samples (PXD021328, PXD019423, PXD020394).

Metaproteomics analysis of Clinical samples now published in JPR (opens new window).